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About Mixology Salon

Here we classify ourselves as a' Salon' as we are a bar in which you can enjoy tasting a combination of distinguished teas and sophisticated spirits. Japanese tea culture began around 800 years ago during the Kamakura period. Maccha was first introduced from China, followed by manufacturing methods of Sencha and Gyokuro among others were established. Eventually, they became very prominent in Japanese history.
The teas have been produced of the highest quality with traditional blending techniques. Additionally, our cocktails utilize a plethora of quality ingredients. Teas are blessings of nature and symbolize the compilation of the culture's developing techniques.
We embrace new possibilities that are born from the marriage of tea and cocktail cultures. We craft cocktails that blend teas such as Maccha, Gyokuro, Hoji cha, and Oolong among many others very carefully so as not to lose their natural flavors as they are mixed with various kinds of spirits.
This completely new concept will bring the world of Tea-tails to continue on for decades as our journey to create tea-based cocktails aspire to build a bridge between cultures, bringing us individuals closer together.
Please enjoy Tea-tails and embrace the concepts of Japanese tradition and heritage combined with innovative and sophisticated techniques.